google ads

-I am using google ads on this site because many people find them useful, why? As long as they pertain to the subject of custom designed databases most visitors like them. These are ‘context ads’.

Arvixe [Shared Web Hosting]

I have used arvixe in the past and still do. I’ve used them for an assignment involving a sql server database and online database application. I simply like how they are organized and I like the features they offer. This is a developer friendly web hosting account. Everyone who needs to create a custom database application or wants to try newer technology needs some a web hosting service like Arvixe . They have adequate email support but you can also call them on the phone. If it’s urgent use their ‘QA’ department to ‘escalate’ an issue.

Godaddy [Shared Web Hosting]

Godaddy is a huge registrar and also a very big web hosting business on the net. The thing about Godaddy is they sometimes use their web hosting control panel pages to try to sell you more products.  Godaddy is suitable for a stable web hosting platform from which to launch a fully vetted site. But, I like arvixe for developing applications more.

Tech Writer 2009 for Databases

I found their free trial product online and downloaded the latest version.  I needed a product that could produce a decent document for a customer that needed it in MS-Word. I liked the Tech Writer 2009 for Database product from Adivo, it was fast to install and fast to use. There are probably other products out there as well. You can read a post on this product with screenshots here.