25 Terms to know for the CASP exam

The CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) certification is a step above the CompTIA Security Plus exam. So,  I reviewed some notes on this subject and I found a lot of new terms that I needed to know. Here are 25 new terms to help you pass the CASP exam. I hope these study notes help anyone studying for this exam.

  1. Converged Network Adapter – combines ability of an HBA and a NIC into one connection
  2. CWE – Common Weakness Enumeration
  3. DEP – Data Execution Prevention
  4. DNSKEY – an additional DNS Record Type to hold public keys
  5. DNSSEC – Domain Name System Security
  6. FCOE – Fiber Channel Over Ethernet
  7. HBA – Host Based Adapter, used in data centers to connect a host to a Storage system
  8. HOPE – a conference, “Hackers On Planet Earth” focus on the ‘hacking’ side of info-security
  9. ISA – Interconnection security agreement
  10. jitter – a quality of service issue with VOIP involving the variation in transmission latency
  11. LUN – Logical Unit, as in Logical Unit Masking
  12. MSSP – Managed Security Service Provider
  13. OLA – Operating Level Agreement
  14. RPN – Risk Priority Number
  15. RRSIG – An additional DNS Record Type to digital signatures
  16. SAML – Security Assertion Markup Language
  17. SIEM – Security Information Event Management
  18. SOA – Start of Authority, a record in a DNS system
  19. SOE – Standard Operating Environment
  20. SPLUNK – a data consolidation tool used to spot trends
  21. SRTM – Security Requirements Tracability Matrix
  22. TSIG – Transaction Signature
  23. UBM – Unsolicited Bulk e-Mail
  24. VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  25. WS Security – Web Services Security