Web Matrix Emailing PW reset configurations

When using Microsoft Web Matrix and testing on my local pc I tried to test out the ‘reset email’ capability. I ran into the error “Could not reset password. Please correct the errors and try again.” I was able to fix the problem by modifying the _AppStart.cshtml file. However, before that, I first had to find the correct email settings within my mail client which happens to be windows product named Microsoft outlook. I had to find the SMTP Server, user name and remember the password. In File Account Settings, Account Settings and double click on the account name to bring up the details. Note the SMTP Server and name. Under “Pop and IMAP settings” go to “more settings…” advanced tab. I used the port for the SMTP outgoing server. I also noted the settings required SSL.
With this information I was able to update the following Webmatrix 3.0 email testing settings in _AppStart.cshtml file of the web matrix development environment.

WebMail.UserName = ” user name”;
WebMail.Password = “password”;
WebMail.From = “email “;
WebMail.EnableSsl = true;

After making the changes I was receiving the email reset message but was unable to change the password with the reset token. The page displayed an “error” message “Could not reset password. Please correct the errors and try again.” After some searching the problem was traced to the PasswordReset.cshtml file. On line 20 change passwordResetToken to ResetToken. The fixed line should look like:

Validation.RequireField(“ResetToken”, “The password reset token field is required.”);