Juice fasting for IT Professionals

So how does an IT professional who spends hours a day locked to the computer maintain proper weight?

It is so easy to gain weight doing computer work! I know, you don’t have to tell me!

Well if you are desperate as I was, consider something non traditional. It is called juice fasting. I can only promise you will be ridiculed and misunderstood but the juice fast is effective. And, if you follow the system religiously, you will achieve excellent results.

Ideally once you do a juice fast and get your weight down you just maintain it. However if, like me, you find the weight creeping back, please wait. Do not buy new pants in a larger size. Instead do another juice fast and reassert your control over your health and life.

But, how to proceed? A method I found effective is using the following general directions.

Prepare your mind and body one week prior to the begin of the juice by increasing the amounts of fresh fruits, vegetables into you diet. Consume an early morning large glass of hot water and fresh squeezed lemon before consuming anything else. In the fast I did, I did not consume coffee. You can eat lesser amounts of other foods like nuts, grains and miniscule small amounts of other products. You need to follow the ‘Reboot’ program to the letter.

The other part of the game is a purely mental game, become committed to achieving a healthy weight through proper nutrition and freeing yourself of the addiction to bad food. Many people will not understand what you’re doing so don’t seek their approval, just go ahead and do it knowing if you stick with the plan, victory is assured.

Follow the specific guidelines from the ‘Juicing for Weight Loss with Joe Cross’  web site about how to get your body ready to do a juice fast. The idea is to flood your system with nourishing food and avoid toxic food. Generally toxic food will be found stuffed with preservatives, sitting on shelves in cans or packages produced in factories from thousands of miles away. These foods lack life energy to sustain your body so avoid them altogether. Follow the reboot your life recommended food recipes during the preparing and fasting phase. During the fast continue to follow their recipes. You also want to  end the juice fast in phases by carefully introducing solid foods over a period of a week.

Before I started my first fast using the reboot program I watched the Joe Cross video Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. Here it is for reference however I should mention that I do not have any relationship to the Joe Cross web site or reboot program other than I participated in it by following their directions. Because I have increasingly noticed my fellow members of the IT community gaining weight and losing health, I sincerely hope others of my colleagues  might find something in the video to use for their own benefit.

As I may have mentioned in a prior post, I lost 50 lbs using this system with a 60 day fast so I know it works. How did I do it? I followed the system and did not cheat, that is it.

I am however blessed in that my wife was very supportive and carefully prepared the juices every day for me to take to work and during the weekends.  How did she do it? I will tell you she used the recipes from the reboot web site downloaded in a pdf form and she  was meticulous in following the directions. She also joined the online forum and got answers to questions as we went along.

We also used a Breville juicing machine, it was old and loud but worked. Since that first fast we have upgraded to a newer Breville model. This machine is here listed but I have no affiliation with the company other than having the product in my kitchen. The juice machine we use is the Breville Multi Speed Juice Fountain BJE510XL/A for $199 (we got it I’m pretty sure at the store “Bed Bath and Beyond”).  We noticed it is much quieter than our prior juice machine.

OK, that is all I have to say about particular juicing machines. I do think, however you will need to have some kind of effective juicer in your kitchen area to be effective. I realize the cost of juicers is expensive. However, considering the ultimate price of poor health I would consider any future purchase of a juice machine a very good investment.