Relative Merits of Face to Face Meetings with Development Teams Part 1

Are you or would you consider working with a development team outside of your local geographic area?

Consider the relative likelihood of the following cases:

Consumers of Custom Software Development, be it custom designed databases or bespoken application software, generally will pay a higher premium for service providers they are already familiar with. Particularly, stakeholders in a custom designed application which have enjoyed a face to face meeting with the project manager, project lead and developers tend to consider those teams more favorably.

Yet customers on a limited budget face added travel costs if they live outside of areas that have many resources. So, the farther away the developer resource, the less likely customers are willing to meet in person.

Relative Abundance of Software Development Resources to Urban, Suburban and Rural Dwellers

City dwellers are relatively more likely to find an experienced and willing programming expertise for their project than rural dwellers. The reason should be obvious, the more people in an area, the more chances someone in that geographic area will posses the skills you need AND be willing to help you in your project. If you live in suburban and rural areas the relative lack of expertise in software database design skills in your vicinity means you will be more likely to find the required resources for your project on-line.

Higher Costs and More Competition for Software Development are found in Hubs

Do you live close by a major center of technology? Do you near a large city or one with an established technology based industry? If so, you benefit from the relative abundance of choices among software developer resources. However, you may find that competition among buyers of custom software solutions actually drive up the cost for this service. In addition to meeting face to face with a locally found development team, it may be wise to compare services from sources outside your immediate region.

Continued here Part 2