Database Owner (DBO) Rights on Your Shared Hosting Database? (Part 3)

I was able to execute the following command in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio connected to my Godaddy SQL Server database ‘create schema test_schema’. This created a new schema in my shared web hosting database. I can then create objects under this schema. Using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, a new query window is opened and the following code executed. 


CREATE TABLE [test_schema].[Table_1](
[testcol] [int] NOT NULL,
[testcol2] [int] NOT NULL


In this post, we've discussed how dbo rights in a shared hosting environment (using Godaddy for example) are sufficient for most development efforts even though we are inconvenienced a bit in some situations. 

Although most rights are sufficient, one right that I missed as a developer, was the ability to set up diagrams. This feature can really speed up your ability to quickly create foreign key relationships. When I attempted to use this when connected to a sql server database on a Godaddy account I received an error. 

error message due to lack of db_owner role being granted to the user

Diagramming functionality must be set up by a user granted the db_owner role

You don't need diagram functionality to build your database. You can use scripts or use the management studio. The import thing to note is the rights provided under most shared hosting accounts still allow you to do all the database design work needed for most projects. 

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