Developing Multiple Databases Concurrently

Keep in mind to preserve your sanity, and be the most productive, work on one work unit at a time. That means, one database at a time.

Keep a current copy of the requirements document next to you on your desk as you work. Check off each requirement completed.

At the beginning of each project start documentation, during the project, update the documentation.

Finally at the end, update the documentation.

If you have the benefit of a professional technical writer at your place of work, tap him or her to do a read through and provide feedback.

A database project should never be closed until documentation is finalized and ready to be delivered to the customer.

Does documentation survive testing and deployment? Do not count on it.  Documentation should be a ‘living document’.

Who is the audience? Future readers will be users, help desk technicians, fellow developers and maybe yourself at some point in the future.